Hello Red the Ted!



We had Red the Ted come to visit our house over the weekend, he is the class bear which must be taken on exciting adventures then carefully documented in his book.

The excitement of Red coming home was plastered all over my 6 year old daughters face when I collected her from school. It was evident we needed to do something special for this treasured creature!

As it neared bedtime his sleepsuit was promptly pulled out and we were dressing for bed, with a little difficulty so I decided that some teddy pj’s were in order. I found a great basic top and bottom pattern here:


Then just free ranged the rest, cutting out rough shapes and creating a collar


Red totally helped too!

The last time I made anything with a collar was when I was a student some 12 years ago! Didn’t come out perfect but considering I cut it all free hand I’m happy with the result… ta daaa!


Too cute!




Welcome !


Welcome to my blog!

This is my platform for all things crafty, a great way for me to document my adventures and keep the creative focus going strong!

You will find all sorts here.  I’m a great food lover, baking come at me!  Fashion excites me in ways I had never imagined, hello dolls clothes, twirly girl skirts and bunting.  I always imagined Giorgio, Gianni and Valentino. Oh how things change!